Bridget Burkhardt Graphic Designer

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Taking your concepts and ideas and bringing
them to print.

Logo or Content Design

Taking your ideas to Print


If you are looking for a new logo design or even a simple text file you've come to the right place. For affordable and quality work choose BMB Designs to complete your ideas and concepts and bring them to paper or workable art files.
With many years of customer service on many different levels I am confident in my ablitiy to give you want you want with
100% Satisfaction. 

Have you ever wanted to show off your products or services? Have you wondered how to go about ordering an announcement for your childs graduation? I can take your ideas and concepts and create the design you want and bring those to print.
Bridget M. Burkhardt
Freelancer BMB Designs
Senior Graphic Designer
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You can enjoy the benefits of BMB Designs on a personal level with one on one customer service and a highly knowledgeable Senior Graphic Designer.
Anywhere you look there is always print.
Everywhere you go there is always marketing.
There will always be a place in this world for design and print.
What better way to advertise your business or get your name out there than having a great idea and an even better print job.
Or are you just looking for personalized business cards or maybe an announcement to celebrate your wedding or graduation.

BMB Designs will work with you to get you want you need.